Science and Technology
December 2, 2014



Partnering with X-Chem enables our collaborators to access a chemical universe of unprecedented diversity, thus greatly increasing their chances of successfully developing novel, potent and selective development candidates with attractive drug-like properties.

Since 2010, we have established multiple partnerships with top tier pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, academic institutions and non-profit organizations. Several of our partnered programs have been in-licensed by our collaborators and are currently undergoing further pre-clinical development within the partner organizations. Furthermore, one of our early collaborations established with AstraZeneca in May 2012 was extended and expanded relatively shortly after its initiation (October 2013), in recognition of the value our partner sees in X-Chem’s contribution to achievement of their goals.

It is our conviction that success in any collaboration relies on pooling our respective scientific know-how and expertise, and on maintaining the highest degree of openness, communication and transparency. That is the spirit in which we conduct all of our collaborations.

We invite you to review our News & Publications page for a description of some of our partnerships. If you’d like to find out more about partnering with X-Chem please contact us directly:

Phone: 781.419.6900