October 1, 2020

Proteros Partnership












Proteros & X-Chem Alliance

Proteros and X-Chem have joined forces with the goal of offering Hit-Identification and Target-to-Lead drug discovery services based on their complementary technology platforms. The alliance combines Proteros’ strengths in protein sciences, structural biology (crystallography and CryoEM), and biophysical mode of action analysis with X-Chem’s industry-leading DNA-encoded chemical library (DEXTM) platform and medicinal chemistry capabilities. The seamless approach will enable drug discovery organizations to increase the chance of finding lead-like compounds for their drug targets.

Research & Development teams are under increasing pressure to find novel chemical matter for the generation of lead compounds. Proterosʼ enabling technologies and structural biology led drug discovery approach, in combination with X-Chemʼs vast and diverse DNA-encoded chemical library, facilitates the identification of novel hit compounds at an unprecedented rate with much higher confidence in their success.

For more information on this innovative collaboration please contact us at: info@x-chemrx.com




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