Flexible Options to Access the X‑Chem Small Molecule Discovery Engine

Interrogate our libraries to find molecules that hold enormous potential. Our partnering models flex to your needs. Leverage the know-how and expertise of DEL pioneers via our full service discovery partnership, PartnerDEX, or our flexible and easy access model, OpenDEX.


  • Full service, customizable discovery partnership
  • Access to X-Chem’s complete DEL library collection
  • Exclusive license to confirmed hit compounds
  • Experienced program management and oversight


  • Access to newest library designs and X-Chem’s industry-leading DEL expertise
  • Flexible deal structure
  • No downstream financial obligations
  • In-depth DEL data deliverable

X-Chem’s DEL Screening Advantages

  • Libraries can be combined and screened together
  • Libraries are screened as a low-volume pool via single-vessel, ultra-high-throughput affinity screens
  • Selections require small quantities of target protein
  • Selections are conducted with many conditions in parallel
  • Multiple selections reveal potency, selectivity, specificity, and MOA of hits
  • Structure activity relationship (SAR) data emerges directly from the screen
  • Jump-start your hit-to-lead optimization

A Decade of Experience in DEL-Driven Discovery Yields Unrivaled Performance and Success

We work with many of the leading pharma and biotech companies and are tasked with some of the most challenging projects in small molecule discovery research. With over 85 programs licensed, we have an unrivaled track record of delivering value to our partners and clients.

Licensed Programs Over Time

licensed programs over time graph

Skilled Synthesis and Confirmation Drive the Hit Confirmation Process

With more than a decade of experience developing a wide range of assay formats for many target classes, X-Chem is the partner you need to unlock exponential possibilities in your small molecule drug discovery. We wield a vast index of molecules and proprietary tagging approaches. This reach enables you to investigate a hugely diverse range of molecules that hold enormous potential.

X-Chem’s versatile technology is proven in projects spanning 30 target classes. Structure activity relationship (SAR) data emerges directly from the selection output, resulting in faster hit-to-lead optimization. This advantage is coupled with expert synthesis and confirmation capabilities, such as biochemical, biophysical and cell-based assay formats for potency testing.

  • Thousands of compounds synthesized to date
  • Medicinal, synthetic and process chemistry services
  • Experience across a broad range of target classes and therapeutic areas
  • Team with pharma experience and track record of success