Unprecedented Chemical Diversity — and the Clarity to Leverage It

Aside from a formal partnership, X-Chem can work with you to establish your own DNA-encoded library (DEL) capabilities through a variety of services ranging from chemistry development, custom library synthesis, selection methodology, data analysis and technology enablement.

X-Chem Custom DNA-Encoded Libraries

For the most game-changing results, you need the most chemically diverse compound library possible, built using your own expertise, knowledge and materials:

  • Libraries designed and built in collaboration with our partners
  • Continuous improvement with new chemistries, building blocks and reaction schemes
  • Specialty libraries such as peptides, macrocycles and covalent libraries
  • Lead-like hits for a variety of previously intractable targets
  • Target-focused libraries to explore the structural or property space your project demands

Advanced Compound Screening Through Bioinformatics

Improve the speed and efficiency of your lead discovery with our robust proprietary bioinformatics tools. Our informatics infrastructure processes millions of selection datapoints to identify specific and selective compounds. Our comprehensive database of historical selection data allows us to weed out promiscuous binders and identify selective and novel ligands to the industry’s toughest targets. The X-Chem informatics underpin our competitive advantage:

  • Industry-leading hit rates
  • Faster project delivery
  • Ability to create higher-probability custom libraries
  • Delivery of more lead-like hits