As a new technology, few labs, companies, or organizations had significant experience with DELs, providing an opportunity for a motivated set of scientists to become the industry-leading experts in this paradigm shifting platform.

During this webinar, Dr. Hupp will explain how a group of scientist-founders created X-Chem to harness this new technology. X-Chem has been pioneering DNA-encoded library technology for over a decade and has innovated a superior approach to library design, honed their expertise in selection science and developed unique informatics tools to help drive drug discovery.

Dr. Hupp will present several case studies highlighting how the use of DEL technology has provided small molecule drug discovery solutions in the past. These concrete examples will illustrate how a deep understanding of the DEL platform will help in your drug discovery program.

Watch this webinar to find out how strong expertise with DEL libraries can empower you to screen hundreds of billions of compounds against your target with the groundbreaking power of DEL technology.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Learn the capabilities and power of DNA-encoded libraries for early drug discovery
  • See examples of a DEL platform utilized successfully
  • Understand how DEL technology — when applied with expertise — can help your drug discovery program

Presented By:

Christopher Hupp, Ph.D.
Associate director, Discovery Chemistry

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