Marie-Aude Guié

Marie-Aude Guié has over 20 years of experience in research informatics, data management and custom software solution design. She is dedicated to creating a collaborative environment to support scientists with best-in-class software and high-quality data to accelerate drug discovery. This has been her focus since joining X-Chem in 2012. Before that, she worked at Yale University where she designed and deployed the informatics platform to support high throughput cellular imaging and luminescence assays. She has also worked at MedImmune, Inc. and Southern Research Institute, managing multidisciplinary teams and coordinating scientific information systems deployments to support research goals in a variety of fields such as infectious diseases, cancer biology and inflammatory diseases. Marie-Aude received her B.Sc. in physiology from McGill University in 1999 and completed her graduate studies at Johns Hopkins University in 2006.

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