Our DEL Screening Approach Makes Drugging the
Undruggable a Reality

X-Chem’s DNA-encoded library (DEL) technology supercharges protein-protein interaction (PPI) drug discovery with an engine powered by massive compound libraries and decades of experience. PPI modulator discovery often begins with rational design of peptides which mimic one of the protein partners; however, these are challenging starting points for drug design. De novo discovery of small molecule PPI modulators is highly complex due to the PPI’s relatively large, flat, hydrophobic interface areas. However, with X-Chem’s DEL screening methods, even the most challenging PPI targets can be prosecuted, getting clients results in a target class with immense promise for precision treatments.  

The proof is in the success of our partners. 

Small Molecules With Novel Modes Action

X-Chem’s DEL platform supports the discovery of PPI modulators with unprecedented modes of action, driving discovery in directions that other screening technologies cannot. In collaboration with Bayer, we used our platform to identify an inhibitor of a bromodomain target, ATAD2, which induced improper homodimerization of the target rendering it inactive. This resulted in a highly selective inhibitor which does not perturb closely related family members of ATAD2, demonstrating the power of DEL screening for finding molecules with unique binding modes to modulate PPIs.

Advancing From DEL Screen to Candidate: PPI Success Story 

DEL screening for PPIs can yield tractable small molecule hits in situations where traditional hit identification (HTS, fragment screening) are unsuccessful. In one example, X-Chem’s DELcore library collection enabled the unprecedented discovery of potent small molecule inhibitors toward a key pro-inflammatory PPI, springboarding our partner’s program into clinical trials.  

X-Chem’s PPI Drug Discovery Services Deliver Exactly
What You Need

Our proprietary methods deliver more hits faster — even against previously “undruggable” targets like PPIs.

Using our DEL technology and the guidance of our industry-leading experts you can find your PPI project’s best screening solution — all with no downstream financial obligations.  

From PPIs to covalent inhibitors and every class in between, whatever your DEL screening needs, X-Chem delivers solutions that accelerate your hit-to-lead development journey and catapult your program.