Harness the Power of ReadiBLOX and Create Superior In-House DNA-Encoded
Libraries (DELs) 

With nearly 100 programs licensed, X-Chem has an unparalleled track record of DNA-encoded library (DEL)– driven discovery for our partners. Now, we’ve tapped into our deep synthetic chemistry expertise to provide you with a novel offering:

ReadiBLOX — building blocks specifically designed to enable DEL synthesis.  

Our growing collection of ReadiBLOX already encompasses an extensive range of shapes, functional groups and synthetic strategies to support your unique requirements. And we regularly add to the ReadiBLOX list with our latest innovations in DEL synthesis. 

ReadiBLOX Are Exceptionally Drug-Like

We currently offer more than 700 building blocks, ready to ship and attach to DNA. 

  • High Fsp3 characteristics
  • Low molecular weight
  • Novelty checked 

These building blocks are bi-functionalized and tri-functionalized: 

  • Haloacids 
  • Halo amino acids 
  • Nitroalkenes
  • Amino acids 
  • Amino acid esters 
  • Boronic acids 
  • Fmoc-protected amino compounds 




Compounds can be purchased in mg quantities.

Transform your discovery efforts with the X-Chem edge

Add ReadiBLOX to your drug discovery arsenal and benefit from X-Chem’s years of experience in DEL design. Enhance your hit identification efforts and build your next breakthrough. 

Download X-Chem’s SD File for ReadiBLOX*

*Must have compatible software to read file