X-Chem’s DEL Technology
Is Changing How Kinase Discovery Is Done

Kinase inhibitors have long been a target of drug discovery programs, with oncology being the most common application. More than 20 years after the first approved protein kinase inhibitor (PKI) drug, this target class continues its popularity in areas ranging from oncology to neurological diseases. In the hands of our experienced scientists, X-Chem’s DNA-encoded library (DEL) technology is the right tool for you to break new ground in this field.  

Unlike other kinase discovery projects that start with known ligands, X-Chem is different: We have the capability to start with novelty. In collaboration with our partners, we have repeatedly found unique binding conformations and novel structures in numerous kinase inhibitors, including: 

Kinase discoveries are growing, and previously unknown functional characteristics are coming to light for the first time. Whatever your kinase concept, X-Chem can help.  

Proven Success in Selective Targeting

The major hurdles in kinase discovery revolve around achieving selectivity, and our expertise in this area is unparalleled. By screening multiple kinases simultaneously, we can leverage the power of multiplexed DEL screening to discover highly selective binders to the kinase of interest. A few examples of selective kinase inhibitors discovered from X-Chem’s DNA-encoded libraries include: 

Taking Kinase Discovery to the Next Level

We have a track record of groundbreaking kinase research. In addition to hit discovery, we can apply our computational chemistry expertise and the power of our AI drug discovery platform, ArtemisAI, to explore and predict activities and ADME properties within a drug-like chemical space. Your ability to discover is practically boundless. Let the experts at X-Chem help you put your most difficult target classes in range.