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A quick, comprehensive review of DEL screening suitability

As DNA-encoded libraries (DELs) become standard for hit identification, there remain questions about which targets are suitable for DEL. X-Chem’s DELability provides a fast-turnaround, cost-effective feasibility assessment of protein reagents for validation prior to screening and it also offers a process to potentially salvage previously failed targets. For each assessment, we screen a small portion of your target against our DELflex library deck, featuring more than 7.5 billion compounds. Within 30 days, we provide the number of prospective high-quality target engagers and assess your target’s output to provide expert recommendations. Whether you’re deciding which targets to prioritize, have a specific target or are just deciding whether DEL screening is the right approach, DELability de-risks your decision making to ensure the best results.

DELability advantages

  • Reduces project risk for greater investment confidence
  • Reagents assessed by DEL experts, not contingent on quality of kit products
  • Purity, capture efficiency and qPCR amplification assessed experimentally
  • Assessed against higher-quality, more drug-like libraries
  • Fast, comprehensive and competitively priced
  • Use to test protein reagents prior to screening or as an option to salvage previously failed targets