The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Drug Discovery

ArtemisAI Accelerate Discovery

X-Chem’s revolutionary ArtemisAI platform accelerates drug discovery through a suite of machine learning (ML) models. Experience the future of artificial intelligence (AI) for drug discovery, now.

At the core of our advanced AI technology is a large suite of ML models pre-trained for chemistry design, capable of accurately predicting 50+ chemical properties used to inform novel chemistry and prioritize compounds for lab testing. We have combined this innovative capability with our high-quality DEL data to generate more hits, faster, as AI explores greater chemical space. We believe this is the future of drug discovery.

Our industry-leading AI platform — ArtemisAI — is built from proprietary data that is 10 times larger than public sources. Its predictive models have unmatched accuracy in predicting key physicochemical and ADME parameters. ArtemisAI allows DEL-based model generation, generative modeling, property prediction and access to physics-based approaches, all within a single, intuitive user interface.

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ArtemisAI is more than an access point for predictive pre-trained models. ArtemisAI can utilize client data — including DEL screening data — to build customized, project-specific models.

ArtemisAI can even produce actionable results from small, unbalanced and noisy datasets. Additionally, ArtemisAI’s generative modeling capabilities allow unconstrained exploration of chemical space.

We fast-track drug discovery programs and get medicines to patients faster by unlocking the full potential of rich datasets to identify high-quality starting points, and by accelerating their transformation into candidates.

ArtemisAI is accessible to clients as a capability that enhances our services, or as a stand-alone software platform.