Optimize your Med Chem and Maximize your drug candidate odds with X-Chem

X-Chem’s medicinal chemistry team is composed of experts who can help you in all facets of the journey from hit to candidate. Under a leadership team composed of experts with decades of experience who can help you, our med chem group knows how to maximize the odds of delivering drug candidates.

medicinal chemistry services

We know that successful medicinal chemistry is not about chasing potency — it requires a relentless focus on quality throughout the process. Our philosophy is to design quality into the program from its inception:

  • Focus early on physical properties and druggability (not just potency!)
  • Assure high passive permeability and high solubility
  • Minimize transporter interactions and metabolism
  • Eliminate genotox, reactive metabolite formation, and off-target activity, including subtype, hERG and CYP P450s
  • Drive potency optimization with the most therapeutically relevant pharmacological parameters (not just EC50 or IC50)
  • Maximize the free drug concentration and duration at the site of action, align with the target-specific PK/PD strategy

We have found that success comes from advancing the best leads with unrelenting focus on quality through multiparameter optimization. Our track record demonstrates the soundness of our approach: We have delivered seven clinical candidates to our clients, including two in 2021 alone.

If your drug discovery program could benefit from the highest quality of medicinal chemistry optimization, consult with the experts at X-Chem.