Delivering Feasible Candidates With Decades of Experience and a Proven Track Record of Client Success

With a leadership team boasting >25 years of experience in large pharmaceutical companies, X-Chem is the medicinal chemistry partner with the expertise to propel your drug discovery. We have filed over 100 patents and published more than 65 scientific papers. Our impressive track record includes 17 compounds reaching IND-enabling toxicology studies and seven compounds progressing to Phase I clinical trials or beyond. 

Our Medicinal Chemistry Management Team

25+ Years

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A Talented Team With Cutting-Edge Capabilities 

X-Chem’s medicinal chemists are comprised of 80% Ph.D. scientists from prestigious universities across North America and Europe. Equipped with expertise in natural product synthesis, organometallics and asymmetric catalysis, our team of over 75 synthetic chemists is ready to tackle your most challenging projects.  

Our state-of-the-art infrastructure includes: 

  • 3 high-field NMR instruments 
  • Chiral/preparative SFC systems 
  • Dedicated purification and analytical labs  
  • An internal inventory of >16,000 reagents
  • A vast array of computational chemistry tools 

Hit → Lead → Candidate Services to Unleash Your Full Potential 

X-Chem’s DNA-encoded chemical library experts offer comprehensive solutions for drug lead optimization. We bring a diverse hit finding toolkit to the table to advance your program: 

hit finding toolkit phenotypic screening AI/ML generative models hts virtual screening fragment screening chemoproteomics structure-based design rational design fast followers: backup, followup DEL hit lead candidate

Our Expertise

Our expertise spans therapeutic areas such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, oncology, sickle cell anemia and AML.  

No matter your indication of interest, we get hits to exponentially accelerate your progress. 

Quality-Driven Approach: Designing Success Into
Your Compounds

analysis design synthesis testing process

When you partner with X-Chem, expect a relentless focus on quality and efficiency. We consider key anti-targets, selectivity criteria and the IP landscape to develop screening cascades that maximize speed, efficiency and translational validity. Our team designs your synthetic targets based on strong hypotheses, incorporating physical properties and druggability, rather than potency alone.  

How we optimize your hit → lead → candidate journey: 

  • Prioritizing high passive permeability and solubility 
  • Minimizing transporter interactions and metabolism issues 
  • Assessing potential genotox issues, reactive metabolites and selectivity relative to hERG, CYPs and relevant anti-targets 
  • Driving potency optimization based on therapeutically relevant pharmacological parameters — not just EC50 or IC50 
  • Maximizing the free drug concentration and duration at the site of action, aligning with target-specific PK/PD strategies 

Partner With X-Chem for Quality-Driven Medicinal Chemistry

At X-Chem, we believe that success stems from a commitment to quality and multiparameter optimization. Partner with us and experience our unwavering dedication to ensuring the highest quality in progressing from hit → lead → candidate. 

Mitigate risks and optimize your drug leads. Experience the exponential advantages of an industry-leading medicinal chemistry partner.