X-Chem’s Pioneering Covalent
DEL Screening Approach

The covalent drug discovery landscape is evolving, and our DNA-encoded library (DEL) technology is a powerful tool to catalyze the industry’s identification of novel covalent small molecules. To support the needs of clients who seek to innovate in this area, we developed our proprietary and industry-leading DELvalent solution, complete with a massive library of electrophilic warhead-equipped compounds: 


Covalent drugs are incredibly potent and can be highly selective, providing immense advantages over traditional reversible small molecules. The future is bright, and X-Chem can take you there.  

Pioneers in Irreversible Selection Methods

We invented covalent DEL, demonstrating that acrylamide-containing libraries can be made and successfully screened. Going one step further, we expanded our capabilities by synthesizing DELs terminating in multiple electrophiles and using them to discover covalent inhibitors. The result? The first known epoxide-based Bruton’s Tyrosine Kinase (BTK) inhibitor


X-Chem’s DELvalent platform can interrogate selectivity, time-dependent reactivity and other key mechanistic information directly from the screening experiment.  


Our technical expertise in performing and analyzing DEL screening data supports the discovery of robust and high-quality covalent hits.  

X-Chem’s groundbreaking DEL screening library for covalent hit identification combined with our high-powered scientific team are your ticket to better starting points. No matter your modality of interest, we have a solution that suits your needs.