Diverse Discovery at an Exponential Pace

X-Chem’s DNA-encoded library (DEL) technology and medicinal chemistry expertise take small molecule discovery to another level. Along with the ability to screen billions of compounds rapidly, our proprietary methods enable you to screen against difficult and previously “undruggable” targets.  

Our highly optimized small molecule screening approach has successfully delivered hit compounds against a host of target class applications: 

Recent advances in these difficult classes point to previously unattainable possibilities for drug development. From PPI research to bispecific molecules. From covalents to novel GPCR antagonists, the future is bright. Whatever your modality, X-Chem can help put your novel therapy on the path to clinic. 

Proven Capabilities Applied to Your Project

X-Chem’s track record of leading DNA-encoded library-based discovery for over a decade is well-documented. We have delivered validated hits in 30+ target classes across numerous therapeutic areas, and we’re just getting started. Pioneer the future of drug discovery with the experts
at X-Chem.