The Leading Covalent DNA-Encoded Library (DEL) Screening Method

If you are interested in covalent inhibitors, DELvalent is the solution for you. DELvalent provides access to our extensive library of warhead equipped compounds. DELvalent was designed by our pioneering scientists from the ground up to be the leading covalent DEL screening method.

X-Chem scientists were first to adapt DEL technology for covalent hit discovery. We synthesized the world’s first electrophilic DELs, and we invented the methods for screening these libraries to discover specific irreversible compounds. With DELvalent you have access to the leading experts in covalent DEL screening and the industry’s largest screening library for covalent hit discovery, encompassing over 100 billion compounds.

Our proprietary methods drive an exponential reduction of background binders, which enhances signal and increases the odds of success. Our irreversible selection platform has been validated against several challenging target classes, including cysteine mutants, E3 ligases, proteases and kinases. Increase selectivity and biochemical efficiency, optimize the safety and efficacy of covalent drugs, and accelerate your drug discovery program by unlocking the full potential of these libraries to identify high-quality starting points.

If your difficult biological target could yield to an irreversible inhibitor, X-Chem is the partner you need.