X-Chem Services Empower Your Drug Discovery Strategy

Our DNA-encoded library (DEL) expertise, medicinal chemistry experience and artificial intelligence innovations position X-Chem as the premier service provider in small molecule drug discovery. You can partner with X-Chem to quickly and efficiently discover molecules which will lead to therapeutic breakthroughs. From tractability assessment to hit-to-lead, from hit ID to lead optimization. Let X-Chem be your trusted partner for access to exceptional scientists and innovative technologies which accelerate the delivery of high-quality clinical candidates.

DEL Screening Services Overview

With more than a decade of experience conducting DEL screening for many target classes, X-Chem is the partner you need to unlock exponential possibilities in your small molecule drug discovery. We wield a vast index of molecules and proprietary tagging approaches. This reach enables you to investigate a hugely diverse range of molecules that hold enormous potential.

We are the recognized leaders in DEL, with an 80% success rate and a track record of over 90 licensed programs covering a wide range of target classes, using our extensive collection of DEL screening libraries comprised of over 250 billion compounds.

Our industry-leading AI platform — ArtemisAI — is built from proprietary data that is 10 times larger than public sources. Its predictive models have unmatched accuracy in predicting key physicochemical and ADME parameters. ArtemisAI allows DEL-based model generation, generative modeling, property prediction and access to physics-based approaches, all within a single, intuitive user interface. Find more hits, faster, by training predictive AI models with high-quality DEL data.

X-Chem’s DEL screening advantages

  • Selections require small quantities of target protein
  • Selections are conducted with many conditions in parallel
  • Multiplexed selections reveal potency, selectivity, specificity and MOA of hits
  • Structure activity-relationship (SAR) data emerges directly from the screen
  • Jump-start your hit-to-lead optimization

Medicinal Chemistry Services, Empowered by AI

Employ X-Chem’s industry-leading medicinal chemistry expertise, empowered by AI, to progress your drug program from hit to candidate at unparalleled speed. Backed by a widely published scientific leadership team with over 20 years of experience in major pharma driving drug discovery, results include:

  • >100 patents
  • 17 compounds advanced to IND-enabling tox
  • 7 compounds reaching Phase I or beyond