DELcore Delivers the Full Power of DNA-Encoded Library (DEL) Technology

DELcore delivers a full service hit discovery solution with the benefit of exclusive compound rights and access to X-Chem’s DELcore library, our most extensive collection comprising over 125 billion screening compounds. Find more hits, faster, with X-Chem’s largest, best validated DEL collection, DNA-encoded libraries (DEL), with exclusive licenses to confirmed hit compounds.

DELcore gives you access to leading DEL technology experts who work with you to understand your discovery objectives and guide you in designing the best screen all the way through confirmation of hit compounds. We partner with you to leverage our game-changing DEL platform with unprecedented speed and clarity using our decades of drug discovery experience.

X-Chem scientists work closely with our DELcore partners, helping with reagent design, generation and qualification, as well as with designing the optimal selection campaign. We translate your disease hypothesis into a powerful and informative selection experiment, calibrated to deliver the highest-quality chemical matter for your project, then provide exclusive licenses to confirmed hit compounds.

DELcore provides exclusive access to our proven DELcore library, which has generated nearly 100 drug discovery licenses. X-Chem closely collaborates with you to demonstrate relevant biological characteristics and further confirm tractability and structure-activity relationships (SARs). DELcore is the industry-leading, customized solution for the identification of quality hits for your priority target. Your therapeutic expertise, joined with X-Chem’s world-leading DEL platform delivers unmatched potential.

DELcore advantages

  • Full service, customizable discovery partnership
  • Exclusive access to X-Chem’s proven DELcore library collection
  • Exclusive rights to confirmed hit compounds
  • Experienced program management and oversight