With over 100 libraries comprising more than 250 billion DNA-tagged compounds, our company wields a vast index of identifiable small molecules. This reach enables you to investigate a hugely diverse range of chemistry that holds enormous potential. At a success rate of 80% in identifying functional hits, we deliver for our partners and clients. To date we have licensed over 85 discovery programs and worked with 10 of the top 20 pharma companies.

X-Chem’s versatile technology is proven in projects spanning 30 target classes. These include challenging categories such as protein-protein interactions (PPI), bacterial targets, ubiquitin ligases, epigenetic targets and G protein-coupled receptors (GPCR). Whether you are a DEL practitioner or an investigator looking for quality hit compounds against a novel target, we will help you leverage our platform, technology and expertise in the best way possible.

80% of Our Workforce Has an Advanced Degree

X-Chem’s Technology and Services Enable Novel Drug Discovery

40,000 Square Feet of Lab Space


To leverage the world’s leading drug discovery platform to help create molecules that will improve human health.


Be the leading drug discovery partner in a world made healthier by X-Chem’s scientific innovation and novel technologies.


Innovation: Explore new frontiers in science to cultivate growth, value and greater efficiency — both for X-Chem and its partners.

Collaboration: Provide an open mind and candid, solution-oriented feedback to help partners be successful.

Integrity: Bring candor and accountability to every decision, and act with unwavering ethics.

Excellence: Never settle when greater accomplishments are within reach, and seek to exceed expectations by embracing new challenges.

Empowerment: Listen, share and collaborate to cultivate better decision-making.

Growing Our Global Foot Print

With facilities in two of North America’s largest biotech hubs, our headquarters located near Cambridge, Massachusetts and our lab in Montreal, Canada offer state-of-the-art facilities, fully equipped to support all aspects of drug discovery.