Combining the latest compound screening technologies with the flexibility you need to meet your goals

In our decade plus of operation, we have brought our specialized expertise in DNA-encoded library (DEL) screening, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to hundreds of drug discovery projects, all of which presented with different goals and challenges. Drawing on this rich experience and our culture of collaboration, we’re ready to guide you on how best to apply our technologies and solutions to achieve your project goals.

When your aim is to build a pipeline around a focused biological hypothesis, our DELflex and DELcore screening services are a great way to get high-quality equity to jumpstart your projects. Then, access HITMiner, our DEL-AI solution, to expand the chemical space of your program and drive toward the identification of candidates using X-Chem’s expert medicinal chemistry with our LEADChaser and DRUGFinder solutions. Throughout the process, you will interact directly with scientists and managers who are dedicated to bringing your collaboration to a successful outcome.

If you already have a large or growing pipeline or you want unfettered access to DEL screening and data, DELenable may be the right solution. X-Chem can get you operating an internal DEL capability with minimal investment. Our DELenable clients are secure in knowing that they are screening the world’s most advanced DELs with support from the leading DEL informatics platform.

For companies who already operate DELs, our products can improve and supplement your existing DEL platform. Our ReadiDEL libraries enable our clients to immediately bolster their DEL collection with our advanced DEL designs. Additionally, our ReadiBLOX provide DEL-specific reagents to facilitate synthesis of high-quality libraries. After screening, our clients can generate predictive models using their proprietary data by accessing our ArtemisAI platform.

All our clients can benefit from access to ArtemisAI, the leading AI tool for drug discovery. Its intuitive interface allows clients to build proprietary models from any data source, including DELs, while its preloaded models can predict a wide range of important physicochemical and ADME properties to accelerate medicinal chemistry. ArtemisAI can even combine AI and physics-based approaches for true de novo hit generation and scaffold hopping.

When it comes to the business of biopharmaceutical research, X-Chem is now more flexible than ever, ensuring that we will find the right collaboration model for any partner.