X-Chem’s line of ReadiPRODUCTs is available for you to order and use immediately to enhance your DNA-encoded library (DEL) screening and other drug discovery program processes.

X-Chem scientists are the pioneering experts in DELs. For clients with their own DEL capabilities, we offer ReadiDEL and ReadiBLOCKs to jump-start, supplement or enhance your internal library efforts:


ReadiDELs are a high-quality, curated, off-the-shelf set of DELs available for purchase to rapidly build your DEL collection


ReadiBLOCKs are a curated set of DEL building blocks informed by X-Chem’s years of experience in DEL design to enhance your hit identification efforts


If you need compounds beyond DEL, our expert chemists offer novel and diverse small molecules as ReadiCOMPOUNDs. You can access novel and diverse small molecules by purchasing our building block intermediates or screening compounds. Both options provide high-quality small molecules to jump-start your drug discovery process.