Ready-to-Use DNA-Encoded Chemical Libraries for DEL Screening in Your Laboratory

X-Chem’s ReadiDEL allows you to instantly bolster your existing (or new) DNA-encoded library (DEL) collection. Designed for atom economy and developability, ReadiDEL libraries yield hits with properties well suited for further lead optimization. ReadiDELs include proprietary chemistries and cannot be sourced elsewhere. With X-Chem’s leading DEL know-how, ReadiDELs enable you to tap into some of the most diverse DELs in the world. ReadiDELs draw on years of DEL experience and include proprietary DEL chemistry and building blocks. Backed by the track record and reputation of the world’s leading DEL service provider, ReadiDEL provides the data you need to advance your drug program from hit-to-lead to candidate at unparalleled speed.

Advanced ReadiDEL library characteristics:

  • Choose from our growing ReadiDEL collection of over 18 libraries covering over 7.5 billion compounds
  • Lead-like and drug-like molecular properties
  • Progressive, state-of-the-art DEL design concepts informed by many years of DEL performance
  • Billions of compounds and growing

What Makes X-Chem’s DNA-Encoded Libraries Better?

No other partner understands DEL like X-Chem — our experts pioneered DEL-driven drug discovery.

X-Chem scientists know what makes a developable small molecule drug lead. While others may tout the tremendous size of their libraries, at X-Chem, we understand that library size, chemical diversity and compound properties work together to maximize the odds of successful lead generation. Our libraries are designed to achieve the optimal balance of physicochemical properties and chemical diversity by using schemes with maximum atom economy.

When you work with X-Chem, you are assured access to the very best small molecule libraries and the leading DEL platform. Our goal is to drive your project success.