Erin Davis, Ph.D.

Erin has a passion for advancing cutting-edge innovations to transform pharmaceutical research, fostering an organizational culture of creativity, and seamlessly integrating digital tools. Previously, Erin served as senior vice president of enterprise informatics at Schrödinger, at the helm of the business, science, and development aspects of its enterprise informatics and modeling platform, LiveDesign. She drove the platform’s explosive growth across the global pharmaceutical industry, supporting an evolution of integrative modeling-based drug discovery. She also founded the discovery informatics team, leading strategic technology development across Schrödinger’s internal drug discovery programs.

Prior to joining Schrödinger, Erin held several technology leadership positions supporting better drug discovery, including head of US consulting for Chemaxon and US scientific relations manager for the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre. Before moving to industry, Erin spent several years in academia at the medicinal and computational chemistry interface, wishing for better tools while researching neurochemical and antimicrobial drug design. She earned a Ph.D. from the University of Montana in 2006 with a focus on the computational design of CNS compounds.

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