X-Chem is well-known for our pioneering work in DNA-encoded libraries (DELs), but we also offer end-to-end drug discovery solutions.

Read how X-Chem has successfully applied its medicinal chemistry and protein science expertise to identify, characterize and optimize a new set of inhibitors for the difficult-to-drug target, BRD4.

In this case study we:

  • Identify opportunity in BRD4 inhibitors
  • Perform competitive analysis of leading candidates and competitors
  • Identify superior characteristics to competitors
  • Computationally assess structure and function relationships that will lead to superior characteristics
  • Experimentally find and validate drug candidates with desired features via X-ray crystallography
  • Perform IND-enabling studies (ongoing)

Learn more about X-Chem’s drug discovery process of BRD4 inhibitors by reading the full case study.

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