Blog | January 3, 2023

A Year of Driving Small Molecule Discovery


2022 was a big year here at X-Chem, so as we embark into 2023 it seems like a good time to look back on a sampling of some of our major moments. From enlightening events featuring our in-house experts to a brand-new service line, there’s a lot to recount (and more to come in the new year). 

Memorable Highlights

  • In March, X-Chem’s Senior Vice President and General Manager, Noor Shaker, was a winner at Business Intelligence Group’s inaugural Artificial Intelligence Excellence Awards program. This award honors Noor’s extensive record of AI achievements in drug discovery and her ongoing contributions to the field. Read all about it.   
  • In April, we brought a cutting-edge blend of capabilities to the marketplace with our powerful end-to-end dynamic drug discovery ecosystem, XD3. Crafted to accelerate the new-medicine pathway at unparalleled speed, XD3 brings together our robust DNA-encoded library (DEL) screening, our leading ArtemisAI artificial intelligence (AI) platform and our vast medicinal chemistry experience for three service offerings: 
    • HITMiner — Combines AI and DEL screening data to predict novel hits and expand the scope of chemical space accessed for hit generation. 
    • LEADChaser — Pairs DEL screening with medicinal chemistry to streamline progression from hit-to-lead to candidate. 
    • DRUGFinder — Adds the power of ArtemisAI to our medicinal chemistry expertise to speed multiparameter optimization. 
  • May saw us sharing expertise in a webinar presented by Chief Executive Officer Matt Clark and Noor Shaker. Their look at artificial intelligence in the drug discovery process examines how AI and DEL screening are transforming early phase drug discovery and could impact all stages. This engrossing discussion goes through case studies that illuminate different AI applications and more. Add it to your watch list. 
  • June brought a video interview about the benefits of AI with DEL data from X-Chem’s Vice President of Scientific Computing & Data Science, Marie-Aude Guié. This information-packed masterclass delves into how combining these two technologies accelerates drug discovery. Get all the insights.    
  • August was one for the journals as researchers that used X-Chem services published discovery of a highly selective c-MET inhibitor with a novel binding mode. Found through DEL screening, this small molecule could open up new avenues of treatment. Read the findings
  • Capping off the year, X-Chem’s Director of Lead Discovery and Biochemistry, John Guilinger, presented an eye-opening webinar on using DEL technology to discover compounds that hit challenging targets. This examination provides invaluable information on recent advances in technology and the state of the art of its uses in small molecule discovery, including discovery of covalent binders, enhanced hit identification using machine learning, and more. Get up to speed on the latest innovations.  

Here’s to Tomorrow

These amazing successes continue to drive us toward finding new and better ways to accelerate the speed of discovery. Keep an eye out for all the ones still ahead and get in touch to partner with X-Chem on your next achievement. 

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